Congresspeople Should Get a Raise — But They’re Still Assholes

Daniel Schuman over at Slate thinks that we should give Congresspeople a raise.  Which is true.  But his frame is that we should give them the raise “that they deserve,” and his logic is that, boo-hoo, the $174,000 a year salary that congresspeople get is $43,000 less (after inflation adjustment) than they got in 1992.

Nobody gets my sympathy for making $174,000 a year (and with some awfully nice benefits, at that).  And congresspeople deserve a sharp kick in the teeth a hell of a lot more than they deserve another $50,000 a year.

But that said, we live in the world we live in, and wishing for decent congresspeople won’t make them decent.  Congresspeople’s social status puts them into a society with various super-rich people, and keeping up with the Joneses is clearly a pressure on them.  Most importantly, it’s cheap to do.  If we can throw $50,000,000 a year at additional Congressional salaries and prevent even one major corruption event because a Congressperson doesn’t feel as much pressure to live above their means, then it’s money well spent.

Desert is a dubious concept almost every time it’s brought up — if you start thinking about policy by talking about what people deserve, 90% of the time you’ll come up with bad policy.  And it’s particularly bad here.  And Matthew Yglesias’ spin that with a higher salary, Congresspeople will be more able to research their legislation and be better technocrats is the utter triumph of hope over experience.


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