What is the Non-Xenophobic case against Immigration?

Seriously, I want to know.

Like, do we all agree that if Ben in East Oakland wants to get the hell out of East Oakland, move to someplace less crime-ridden like Fremont, and then try to get a good job in Fremont, that it would be morally indefensible to say, “No, fuck you Ben, you have to stay in East Oakland, and if you try to come to Fremont, we’ll jail you and send you back”?

How, then, is it okay to say that if we change “East Oakland” to “Somalia” and “Fremont” to “The United States”?

Is there any not-completely-evil rationale for a fundamental stance of “we should restrict immigration,” or is it all about “Well, we have to be careful not to accidentally turn Fremont into East Oakland”?


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