If I Had Glass

Google Glass has a slight “what do I do with it” problem.  My general feeling is that it’s going to live and die by how much people want to have an always-pointed camera that can easily document their life (and I add that it’s possible that people do want that).  But I recently thought of another thing that I might actually want an always-on heads-up-display for.

I recently got a fitbit, and have been enjoying having the ability to see how far I’ve walked and such.  But more so,  I wouldn’t mind seeing a real-time tracker up in the corner of my vision of my estimated calories burned in a day.  Just integrate any of the various fitness-tracking projects with something that shows me where I am so far, and perhaps gives a few visual cues about when I’m doing well, and I think that would increase mindfulness when, for example, I’m thinking about a snack.  Glance up, okay, maybe I should keep it toned down, or, alternately, wow, actually I’m probably getting pretty low-blood-sugar.

The science-fiction version of this, which Glass would absolutely not be able to do any time soon, would also automatically keep track of what calories I’m consuming (say, via a visual search from my POV camera of food that I’m eating), and then I’d get a truly useful display that would give me a sense for whether I’m running a calorie surplus or deficit for the day.

You could do any of these things with a pocket or wrist-mounted device, but I think that having something that’s constantly in your field of view would have some real added benefit, getting you to think more about your health when it’s not already on the forefront of your mind.


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