The iPhone Keyboard Sucks

The iPhone keyboard is a goddamn embarrassment.  Usability is supposed to be Apple’s forte, and they give us this?  It doesn’t show the right case of letters, guys.  This is a day’s worth of work, at most, to put in, and yet when you’re typing your complex password, there is no at-a-glance sense of whether you’re in uppercase or lowercase mode.

That doesn’t start to get into capabilities like multi-option auto-complete (or, hell, even just “intuitive interface autocomplete”), next-word guessing, or swype-style input, all of which combine to make any text input on a modern-generation Android device miles ahead of the increasingly dated iOS.

There’s supposed to be a big UI revamp of iOS this spring.  Hopefully, this will be addressed and perhaps Apple will even push the technology ahead.  But all the fluid animations and well-placed buttons in the world don’t make up for the input shortfall the iOS currently suffers from.


2 thoughts on “The iPhone Keyboard Sucks

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  2. Couldn’t agree more. The new iphone 5s keyboard is a downgrade from previous versions, it sucks! Countless examples of how the new iphOne keyboard sucks: if/of, live/love, and the autocorrect is just off the mark, a downgrade from previous Versions. Fix this AAPLE!

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