Protecting Our Children Against the Scourge of AirBnB

New York is fining Nigel Warren for the horrible crime of renting out his condo to somebody who wanted it.  And, I mean, thank god.  Who knows what kind of horrors could come if people could rent out their living places.  Dogs & cats living together, mass hysteria, etc.

Similarly, the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission is boldly stepping between its citizens and the scourge of being able to hail a taxi with their smartphones.

And the thing about these things is that they actually aren’t really out-of-character for local regulations.  There are plenty of other regulations out there that are equally arbitrary.  Check out the travails of food trucks, or try to get your home construction permitted, or get a liquor license.

There are legitimate issues that are touched on by all of these things.  They just come with a huge dose of incumbent interests, arbitrary bureaucracy, and pointless petty crap, to the point that the end product is just laughable.


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