If Garbage is Fuel, Running out of Garbage is Bad

I’ve seen a couple of articles along these lines, which trumpet that Sweden or Norway are running out of garbage because their waste-to-energy programs have been so successful.

Guys:  You built a power plant.  It cost you some amount of money.  The cost is defrayed by the money it makes by generating power.  If your power plant stands empty and un-running, that is not a good thing.  It suggests that you didn’t need to build that power plant at all.  You could have built fewer power plants and they could have been actually supplied with fuel and running.

On the environmental front, building those power plants had intrinsic environmental costs associated with it!  You apparently did not need to pay those environmental costs!  Build fewer power plants!

If there is no smaller number of plants that would not have resulted in the same problem, that’s a disastrously bad thing for waste-to-energy as a concept.


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