iPad Air: Very good, for a 10″ tablet

Ars Technica’s tablet reviews are generally good, and their review of the iPad Air is no exception.

I note the overall tone of the review, however:  the iPad Air is a very good 10″ tablet, if for some reason you want a 10″ tablet.  But the fact of the matter is that 7-8″ tablets are the superior form factor — and happen to come with a hefty price reduction to boot, which is nice.  If you have weird specialty needs that make the 10″ tablet good for you, great.  But if you’re in the broad middle of the tablet user demographic, be smart and get a tablet that’s actually the right size.

I feel like there remain a lot of people who don’t understand that, and think that bigger is better.  And the 10″ tablets are probably generally a more profitable product, so the hardware manufacturers are not singing from the rooftops how good the 7-8″ tablets are.  But seriously, folks: unless you have unusual needs, a 10″ tablet is the wrong decision.


2 thoughts on “iPad Air: Very good, for a 10″ tablet

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