The Day We Fight Back

I don’t think that these kinds of mass internet campaigns are very useful in general, but I support the cause and would love to be pleasantly surprised, so for whatever it’s worth, today is The Day We Fight Back against mass surveillance.


2 thoughts on “The Day We Fight Back

  1. Hi Invisible Mikey,

    I take your point, and Sandor at the Zoo stands firm on the position that Congresspeople are all assholes, none of which really deserve your support.

    Sandor at the Zoo also stands firm on the position that one shouldn’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. This isn’t a call for blind fealty to Sensenbrenner, by any means. He’s not my champion, and I hope he isn’t anyone’s champion.

    But the USA Freedom Act is the bill we have in front of us, and we shouldn’t throw out the idea of an improvement in the status quo of mass surveillance because we have problems with Sensenbrenner. The bill can stand or fall on its merits.

    And as a picky pedantic point, most of the mass surveillance stuff is in FISA, not the Patriot Act.

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