Scotland — Part of the UK to Stay

This constitutes a bit of a gamble, since the vote is less than half in, but it so far does not look like the “Yes” vote has been doing as well as expected in any district.  So I’m calling it: Scotland to stay on in the UK.  If I turn out to be wrong, you all have the official right to be smug.

I think this was probably the right position for Scotland purely from a pragmatic point of view — the upside for independence was small and the possible downside large.  But it’s kind of a bummer from the point of view of an observer state-side who would share in none of the downside.  Independent Scotland would be exciting, the ramifications of breaking off from a nation that is by any reasonable standard in the top 10 in the world possibly profound, and the political developments as Scotland would presumably turn hard left would be interesting to follow.  So I admit I’m kind of disappointed with the result.

But those probably aren’t really good reasons for Scotland to be independent.


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