Some Reasons Smartwatches WON’T Fail

I don’t think that smartwatches are very compelling.  They just don’t do that much, and I haven’t seen a killer app idea.  That said, there are a few really dumb memes wandering around the internet:

Tethering the smartwatch to the smartphone is a problem

You were always going to bring your phone along anyway!  That link is the full argument, but briefly: even if your smartwatch did have an independent cell connection, you want the big screen of your phone.  You can’t browse the web on your smartwatch, or compose an email or text reply (beyond one-word presets), or, god forbid, make a phone call (and no, talking into your wrist is not something you’re going to want to do).

I mean, if we eventually get to a world in which cell antennas cost negligible space and battery power, then sure, it’d be great to have just your watch when you go jogging or whatever — and still be able to call home in an emergency.  But for 99% of your activities, the smartwatch was never going to replace the smartphone.  It’s senseless to whine as though what you’ve secretly been wanting all this time is to go back to a device with a 1″ screen.

The charge won’t last more than a day

You take your watch off when you sleep anyways, guys.  It’s just not that big a deal to drop it off on a charging station on your bedside table versus dropping it off on your bedside table.  Again, sure, it would be nice if you could take a week-long trip and not bring your watch charger with you, but most of us sleep at home 97%+ of the time anyway.

$17,000 is so much money!

Get the $350 or $400 version.  Or for that matter then $200-$250 Android Wear watches.  Who the hell cares how much the higher-end versions cost?  They don’t do anything that the lower-end versions don’t.


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